Installing Tikal Eclipse

Follow the simple steps described below to install Tikal Eclipse.

The minimum requirement for using Tikal Eclipse is:

Step 1 - Downloading & Installing Tikal Eclipse

1. Download Tikal Eclipse.

2. Extract your Tikal Eclipse binaries and launch Eclipse.

3. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 - Installing via Update Site on Eclipse 3.2+.

1. Within Eclipse go to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install

2. Choose "Search for new features to install" and press Next

3. Create a New Remote Site...

4. Enter the new Update Site's name(can be anything) and the following URL:

5. Click your way through the remaining pages to install the plug-in. Note! Select only "Tikal Update Manager".

6. After restarting Eclipse, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

This screenshot shows the initial state of Eclipse after restarting Tikal Eclipse. Press "Next >".

Select Site screen

Step 4

Select the Eclipse distribution to install. Press "Next >".

Select Distribution

Step 5

Validate the list of installed features and press "Finish" to start installation.

Install Features