General Information

Tikal project is developed and maintained by Tikal, a commercial company. What is the business behind Tikal?

Tikal project downloads and usage is free of charge, and the code itself is licensed under LGPL.

Tikal, a provider of open source tools for application manufacturing, does offer enterprise level binaries, available for subscribers only, that contain prepackaged and certified binary distributions of open source products and technologies which are pre-integrated and pre tested combinations of software components, alleviating the developer and development manager from the need to allot resources to either do all this alone or buy proprietary tools.

What are the benefits of subscribing for Tikal?

ISV teams and application professionals getting access to subscriber-only binaries get packages containing pre-integrated features and binary distributions, rather than snapshot versions usually available for the public.

Tikal subscribers get full professional support for all tools available through Tikal project.